Alternative Lines

It was at this point, last year, that social feeds worldwide started to become filled with a steady stream of beautiful longboarding. Fresh clips of world longboarding champion Honolua Bloomfield, along with Kelia Moniz, Natalia Smith, Rosie Jaffurs, Victoria Vergara, Justine Mauvin, and Soleil Errico, seemed to pop up digitally overnight. The driving force behind this influx was most likely Roxy Facer (or @Roxface, as she’s known on Instagram).

Facer is an Oahu resident in her mid-twenties who started filming just 2 years ago who and immediately tapped into a scene that was barely being promoted–both in film and social media. If you look at her Instagram feed today, you’ll see a steady stream of stylized clips depicting women’s longboarding with a little more flair, a little more fun, a little less seriousness than most surf edits. Facer is a logger herself, but admits that she’s “not nearly as good as the girls” she films.

Back when she first started filming, Facer felt that women’s longboarding lacked the exposure it deserved, so she used social media to drive her passion and messaging, aligning her brand projects with mini film reels that quickly became a sensation.

“I mostly started because I saw a lot of opportunity in filming it,” says Facer. “There’s a huge void in the market for shooting women’s longboarding right now so I’m glad this is what I get to do. I remember watching the “Lady Slide” segment in Thomas Campbell’s “Sprout” and becoming obsessed. Yet I have to admit, I was slightly annoyed that those few minutes were all I really had to reference in women’s longboarding. It was a huge catalyst in why I bought my first camera to shoot.”

We asked Facer about her crew, which seems to span globally with top-notch talent. “Everyone I shoot is pretty spread out. Soleil is in Malibu. Victoria is just all over the world. Justine is in France. Kelia and Natalia are really close. Natalia is dating Kelia’s little brother Isiah (Moniz) so I think they hang out in town (south shore Oahu)” Facer herself resides on Oahu.

The edit above is a short edit filmed with some of her favorite moments from the last year, all cut to the fresh sounds of another female creative, Leanne Curren. Enjoy.

-Surfer. 2018