I’m out

Speedflyer meets Freeskierin

Paraglider Manuel Nübel & Freeski-Pro Caja Schöpf, two like-minded people in search of
new challenges & the feeling of freedom. They dared to do a project that has never been
done before!

At the age of just 25, Manuel Nübel made a big dream come true: He won the
Paragliding World Cup 2013 in Turkey. Further national and international success made the
amateur pilot a professional. He also spends all his freetime in the mountains: ski touring,
mountain biking, paragliding, speedriding and trail running are just a few of his disciplines. In
2016 he finished 9th in the Red Bull X-Alps. If he does not participate in competitions, you’ll
find him in the most exotic places in the world, in the mountains or with some airtime.
Caja Schöpf is one of those women who just love the mountains, calling herself “part of the
moutnain”: Caja is skiing since she was three years old. Growing up in South of Bavaria in
the middle of the mountains, who became undoubtedly her element. In her Ski Freestyle
career (Slopestyle / Halfpipe), she was one of the best in Europe. She finished sixth in her
first World Cup, 12th in the World Championchips 2010 and 3rd in New Zealand Open.
Nowadays she spends most of her time freeriding and skitouring for photo and film
productions. When the snow has melted, she follows her many other outdoor passions in the
mountains, such as mountain biking, rock climbing or trail running, and you’ll meet her at one
or the other mountain race (Zugspitz Vertical Challenge) or city marathon.

The clip “I’m Out” transports the feeling of escaping from everyday life, to feel nature and to
realize a crazy dream. It shows the passion of outdoor and mountain people and make it
tangible for the viewer. Based on the slogan “live without limits” – the idea was to show what
it is like to not only do one activity but to link together more in just a day? To experience all
the beautiful moments of rest and relaxation, but also action and adrenaline from dawn till
dusk. And there’s nothing more beautiful to experience those unique moments of passion
and hunger for adventure together with friends.

And so Manuel Nübel and Caja Schöpf have found each other, two like-minded adidas
TERREX athletes in search of adventure and those magical moments of peace in the
mountains. The two athletes want to motivate and inspire people to go out and pursue their
own adventures by capturing and sharing moments of nature and peaceful mountain
landscape and this very special feeling of “I´m out”.

So it happened that Manuel and Caja set off early in the morning before dawn, accompanied
by a camera team and photographers and packed with the material for tandem speed flying
and their touring skis. Tired and rather taciturn, the trail started in the valley through the dark
forest, right up to the tree line where the first mountain peaks silhouettes became visible. The
sun did not show up for quite a long time and the crew moved in silence. Slowly the first
summits appeared in a deep red of the rising sun and the rather emotionless faces showed
first signs of the anticipation. In the red light of the sunrise, they skitoured further and the red
quickly turned into a bright day with bluebird and sun. The weather forecast was right and a
day full of sun and glistening powder awaits – fresh powder, which let the hearts of Manu and
Caja rise. Late in the morning they reached the summit and were overflowed by this feeling
of freedom. Manuel unpacked his tandem speedflyer. It’s time for take off – to look at the
world from a bird’s-eye view. It´s a “life´s first” for Caja, so anticipation and adrenalin are
spreading. But that’s why the two are now up there, together at the summit, exposed
amongst the mountain silhouettes. Both fly with skis on their feet close to the ground, pull up
again and gain airtime again. At the highest air Caja knew that soon Manu would start the
barrel roll (a sideways backflip). She often watched him doing this, but that´s nothing
compared to experiencing it firsthand. The deal was “Just do it and do not tell me, then I do
not have to worry about that in advance”

And so it was, Caja trusted in Manu’s skill and before he started it was already over.
Seconds of that beautiful sinking feeling in the stomach passed in no time – always too short.
A few minutes later, Caja jumped off the tandem from a height of 3m and into her actual
element – skiing powder. Swiftly she pulled her line through the untracked snow, the powder
sprayed over her head and she hoped that the slope would never come to an end. So many
Faceshots she knows normally only from Japan. Manuel follows her close to the ground,
pulled another barrel roll until they finally met again in the valley. Full of joy and totally out of
breath – an adrenalin experience of the finest kind!
Caja and Manu love nature and love to gain new experience and explore what is possible.

“I’m Out” wants to inspire people to let their dreams come true, to go outdoors and find joy
and peace in even the smallest of mountain adventures. It shows Caja and Manu’s day, their
creativity to combine different sports and their courage to step out of their comfort zone.

Photo: Alex Fuchs