"At the hub of a forest’s mycorrhizal network stands the larger, older trees that rise above the forest.
These are the MotherTrees.
Through this network of fungal threads, the MotherTree is connected to all the other trees in the forest and may manage the resources of the whole plant community."



MotherTree 105 is the first all-female community developed freeride ski on the market, and behind the MotherTree-project is an initiative by InspireUs and Extrem Skis who both recognised the lack of skis developed by and for female skiers. From the point of view of InspireUs this was clearly seen through the ever ongoing discussion about skis and equipment amongst the participants at the InspireUs camps.

Through the community of InspireUs there is a close relationship between the developers and the target group throughout the process. Thanks to this opportunity for close feedback there was from the very start a great hope in developing the best female freeride ski there is, and after it´s first winter at the mountain we can confirm that we did succeed in that!

At ISPO Munich 2017, MotherTree 105 won an ISPO award in the category offpist-ski.
ISPO is the world’s largest international multi-segment exhibition for the sports industry.

Stage 1
Spring 2016
The start of the development process, where a group of female skiers of different professions are invited to test skis of different types.
The skiing is followed by brainstorming and discussions to decide to the geometry, riding properties, length and design of the first prototypes of the skis being built at the Åre ski factory.

Stage 2
Winter 2017
At the InspireUs camps of winter 2017 all participants have the chance to test the prototypes to compare, discuss and express their opinions of the skis.
This is the biggest part of the development process, including potentially hundreds of female skiers.

Stage 3
Summer 2017
All information from the testing of the prototypes is collected and put into one final pair of skis that are drawn and built at the Åre ski factory.

Stage 4
Fall 2017
MotherTree hits the stores!
At this stage you can purchase your own pair at
At the fall of 2018 you also can puchase MotherTree 95 - the sister has arrived!

InspireUs is the biggest community in Sweden connecting female athletes in action and lifestyle sports. Since 2012 they have arranged activities for these girls in form of camps, travel and even through the blog
All in the aim to spread the inspiration in sports where male standard often is at stage.


Extrem Skis develops and builds all-mountain and freeride skis for the premium segment at their own factory in Åre, Sweden and has done so since 1981. The skis have received several international awards such as ISPO Gold Award Winner 2014/15 and Ski of the year at the French Ski Labo 2016/17.