The Wanderer


260 km roundtrip on e-bikes, packrafts, climbing and paragliding. #TheWanderer adventure continues in Slovenia.
Pro skier and adventurer, Kalen Thorien, joins professional paraglider, kayaker, skier, and Frenchman, Romain Raisson, to explore the area’s Triglav National Park. Known for its emerald green waters, perfect paragliding conditions and jagged mountain peaks, the duo explore 260km of the country by e-bike, via ferrata, packraft and paraglide, staying in remote refuges and bivouacs along the way. An unspoiled mecca for outdoor lovers, Slovenia offers every kind of multisport adventure imaginable—whether in the air, on land or in the water. With a rich history, a vibrant culture and a passion for the outdoors, it is easy to see why those who visit instantly fall in love with Slovenia.

-Salomon TV. 2018